A leaking chimney refers to a chimney that allows water to penetrate its structure, leading to potential damage and safety hazards if left untreated.


Why it's important to fix your Leaking Chimney?

Chimney leaking can lead to significant dangers and damage, as it allows water to infiltrate the chimney structure, resulting in the deterioration of masonry, rusting of flue liners, and potential damage to adjacent walls and ceilings. Prolonged chimney leaks can weaken the chimney’s integrity, leading to structural issues, increased risk of chimney fires, and the possibility of toxic carbon monoxide leakage into the living space, posing severe health hazards to occupants.


What is the reason my Chimney Leaking?

There is a lot of reasons for the chimney to leak but there are some reasons that are more common than others:

Top of the Chimney

Water can leak from the top of the chimney through a damaged crown, faulty cap, or compromised chase cover, leading to water damage and structural issues if not fixed promptly.


Water can leak through the chimney due to deteriorated or cracked mortar joints between the bricks, allowing water to penetrate the structure.


Water can infiltrate the chimney through damaged or improperly installed flashing, which is designed to protect the junction between the chimney and the roof.

How can I know my Chimney Leaking?

If you suspect your chimney is leaking, it’s best to schedule an appointment with us. However, if you wish to inspect it yourself, you can open the flu and take a picture, check the chimney flashing from the attic, or examine the chimney closely from the roof for signs of moisture or mildew. But for a thorough and accurate assessment, calling us is the recommended course of action.

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