A chimney liner is a protective layer inside the chimney that helps contain and direct the byproducts of combustion safely outside, preventing damage to the chimney and providing added safety for your home.


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Why is it important to check your Liner?

Checking your chimney liner is crucial for several reasons. A properly functioning chimney liner ensures that the byproducts of combustion, like dangerous gases and creosote, are directed outside safely, reducing the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Additionally, a damaged or deteriorated chimney liner can compromise the structural integrity of your chimney, leading to costly repairs. NFPA 211 codes emphasize the significance of chimney liners, stating that all chimneys must have an appropriate liner to protect the chimney and occupants from potential hazards, making regular inspections essential to ensure compliance and maintain a safe and efficient chimney system.

What is the reason my Chimney Liner got bad?

Age and Wear

Over time, chimney liners may degrade due to exposure to heat, moisture, and corrosive byproducts of combustion.

Chimney Fires

A chimney fire can cause the liner to crack or warp due to extreme temperatures.

Water Infiltration

Water entering the chimney can cause damage, especially in chimneys lacking proper caps or flashing.

How can I know my liner is bad?

You may suspect your chimney liner is bad if you notice visible cracks, white staining on the exterior, water leaks, excessive creosote buildup, rust or corrosion (for metal liners), smoke or odor issues, or crumbling masonry. If any of these signs are present, it’s crucial to have a professional chimney inspection to assess the liner’s condition accurately and address any necessary repairs or replacements promptly.


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